About Us

Welcome to Kentuckiana Herb Society!

Meet our 2016-17 Board Members

Current Officers:
Chairman - Joan Burton
Vice-Chairman - Lorraine Hughes
Recording Co-Secretaries - Millie Chapala and Marjo Howe
Corresponding Secretary - Barbara Lusco
Treasurer - Jett Rose
Historian - Joan Burton
Central District Delegate - Pat Greathead

The Kentuckiana Herb Society was formed in 1983 by a group of gardeners from Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky to further their study and share their knowledge of herbs. Today we maintain two area gardens, The Pioneer Garden at Pioneer Village in O'Bannon Woods near Corydon, Indiana, and a Fragrance Garden at the Kentucky School for the Blind, Louisville, Kentucky.

We have monthly meetings which consist of herbal programs, hands on projects, workshops, demonstrations and refreshments. Meetings are held at various locations in Southern Indiana and the Louisville, Kentucky area.